About Kilosas


Our Vision
We envision an earth in which human beings value, To be pioneer in protection and preservation of flora and fauna of the world. OR (To be champion in sustainable conservation of Flora and Fauna)

Our Mission
We shall strive to provide Natural Habitats to various animals and plants suitable for their conservation and propagation and act as a facilitator to spread the message of nature conservation by awareness and educational programmers.


as its corporate responsibility towards preservation of environment, forests and wildlife in Northern Zanzibar and provide awareness to the citizens here on both endemic and exotic fauna diversity established in North Zanzibar in 2017..?
Aims and objectives of the Society
Aim: The principal aim of the (Zanzibar Nungwi Zoo) is to manage, run, and maintain the Zanzibar Nungwi aquatic creatures etc. Zoo which would be a place for awareness & education of the inhabitants of Zanzibar and surrounding areas; research; conservation and captive breeding of birds, animals, reptiles, to run and maintain such creatures, also be necessary to have staff to administer and maintain the Zanzibar Nungwi Zoo. The Zoo, would also provide a natural environment for birds, animals and other creatures where they can live in simulated natural conditions and without any fear of loss of their lives.
 The principal aim of Zanzibar Nungwi Zoo is to conserve and protect animal and plants.
 To promote tourism development and tourists visiting in the Zoo.

• To maintain a proper environment for the breeding and bringing up of birds and animals all over Tanzania.
• To conserve and enrich the flora and fauna in this region and provide proper living conditions for the birds to come to breed and flourish, multiply and cross multiply.
• To provide education, especially in our Zoo Field and research work thereof, with a view to ascertain to most congenial atmosphere, climate and living conditions for the welfare and growth of birds, animals , reptiles, aquatic creatures in general.
• To retain, train or get trained and / or employ skilled professional or technical advisory, staff and workers in connection with the objectives of the society.
• To prepare, print, Publish, and propagate papers, literature, or periodicals, conduct seminars, conferences and experiments in furtherance of the objectives of the society.
• To solicit obtain or accept subscriptions, donations, grant –in- aid, gifts in the form of money and/or animals and birds for furtherance and upkeep of the Zoo .
• To do all other things that are incidental or conducive to the achievement or furtherance of the aims and objectives of the society.

Commitment to visitors
We create an enriching and welcoming atmosphere for all visitors to the zoo. We provide courteous and helpful attention to ensure they have a wonderful experience each (every) time they visit.
We maintain an environment of trust, openness, respect and transparency to maximize the creativity and productivity of our institutions.


We are honest, reliable, sincere and trustworthy.
We take complete responsibility for the animals in our care as well as all resources we use.